Some frequently asked questions!

Q: When will I receive my product?

A: As soon as you make a confirmed purchase, an email with a download link will be automatically emailed to your nominated email address. You may also access your digital files within the Thank-You page upon purchase.

Q: I didn't receive the email with the download link. Where is it?

A: Please make sure you have entered the correct email address. If you used PayPal please check your email associated with this account. Please also check all your junk, spam and clutter mail folders and run a search in all you inboxes. If you still haven't found it, please email us at info@micahgianneli.com

Q: Why can't I download my products anymore?

A: Either you have exceeded your download limit OR the link has expired. Please please please download your products within 24 hours of purchase. The download link expires strictly within 24 hours and CANNOT be re-issued!

Q: Why am I having issues with the download/I am unable to download my files?

A: Please ensure you have sufficient internet connection, and that all files are downloaded completely before opening the files. Please ensure you download the products (if presets, filtres or videos) on a desktop or laptop computer. Please also ensure you have sufficient internet data and also space to store the downloaded files. The video files may take longer as they are larger files. Please close all other internet browsers and downloads as it may interrupt the download process. Please try all the above first and if you're still having issues please email info@micahgianneli.com

Q: What is your store policy?

A: Please refer to the Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer page here.

Q: What are your terms and conditions?

A: Please refer to the Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer page here.